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Water, Wastewater, Street Department, & Garbage Removal / Recycling Information

Information For Ashley Residents


The Town Clerk-Treasurer

The Town CouncilKaren McEnterfer is Ashley's Clerk-Treasurer. Her office is located inside the Ashley Community Center at 500 S. Gonser Avenue; P.O. Box 70; Ashley, IN 46705. She can be reached by calling 260-587-9276.

Utility bills can be paid at the clerk’s office: 500 S. Gonser Avenue, Room 101 - or the inside or outside drop box. They can also be mailed to: P.O. Box 70; Ashley Indiana 46705. In addition, bills can be paid at the Farmer's State Bank: 115 W State Street.

The Utility deposit is $100.00.

E-mail: Karen McEntarfer 260-587-9276

Water Department Information

water department

Roger Green

water treatment

The Ashley Water Department provides water for residential, commercial, and industrial customers for Ashley and the Town of Hudson. Of course, the landmark that has become synonymous with Ashley (Smiley) is part of the Ashley Water Department.

To the left are some photos of Ashley's water treatment facility. Click on a photo to view it larger.

Click here for the Water Quality Report

Utilities Contact: Roger Green (260) 587-9445

Wastewater Department Information

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The Town of Ashley maintains an S.B.R. Wastewater treatment facility for the Towns of Ashley and Hudson. The capacity is 400,000 gallons per day. The new wastewater facility was completed in the fall of 2006

Below are some photos of our New Waste Treatment Facility. Please enjoy.

Utilities Contact: Lynn Carper (260) 587-9526

Lynn Carper

wastewater treatment facility

wastewater treatment facility

Wastewater treatment



Ashley Street Department

Ashley lays on the main transportation corridor of State Road 4 with an exit from I-69 laying on the east edge of the town limits. Our beautiful tree lined streets and lighthearted water tower welcomes all who drive the Interstate.


  • Easy access to I-69
  • Less than 20 Miles from the Indiana Toll Road
  • State Road 6 only 4 miles to south.


The Ashley Street Department maintains buildings and equipment for the maintenance of all town streets.

Snow Removal

Ashleymaintains 4 pieces of plowing equipment, 2 dump trucks and three pickuptrucks. Abrasive distribution equipment is also used for icyconditions.

Limb, Brush and Leaf Removal

Ashleycurrently picks up limbs, and brush on a regular basis from spring tofall. Ashley also removes all leaves and composts them on a site owned by the town. Compost Site Ashley maintains a compost site free ofcharge to residents. Residents can drop off material or remove compost.

Brush Pick-Up Procedures

Brush pick-up is twice per month starting on April and ending in September
Onlyitems four inches in diameter and smaller will be accepted, and shallbe cut in shorter lengths for ease of handling.
YardWaste that will not be picked up: Grass clippings, hedge or shrubberyclippings, annual flower greenery (peonies, mums, etc.), pine needles,tree bark, etc.
Garden Waste that will not be picked up: Corn stalks, tomato plants, pepper plants, etc.
Brush from Storm Damage will be picked up as soon as possible after the storm.
Allbrush shall be stacked neatly near the street. DO NOT STACK THE BRUSHIN THE STREET. All brush containing yard and/or garden waste will notbe picked up until separated by the resident. Any person cutting a treeon their own property will be responsible for moving the brush.



Thank you for your cooperation

The Town of Ashley Street Department

Garbage Removal, Recycling, Composting, Hazardous Waste Removal

National Serv-All Garbage
6231 Macbeth Rd, Fort Wayne, 46809
(260)747-4117 or 1-800-976-5563

Or you may contact: Karen McEntarfer, 260-587-9276

Northeast Indiana Solid Waste Managment District

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