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Town Council, Planning Commission, Zoning Appeals, Park Board, & Redevelopment Commission

The Town Council

The Town of Ashley is governed by a three member, at-large, Town Council elected every 4 years. Several Boards and ComThe Town Councilmissions are appointed to assist with the governing of the town.

Town Council President: Don Farrington 260-587-9139 or 260-587-9276

Town Council Vice President: Randy McEntarfer 260-587-3789 or 260-587-9276

Town Council Member: Mike Hasselman 260-587-3723 or 260-587-3092

Clerk-Treasurer: Karen McEntarfer 260-587-9276



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The Town Clerk-Treasurer

The Town CouncilKaren McEnterfer is Ashley's Clerk-Treasurer. Her office is located inside the Ashley Community Center at 500 S. Gonser Avenue; P.O. Box 70; Ashley, IN 46705. She can be reached by calling 260-587-9276.

E-mail: Karen McEntarfer 260-587-9276




The Planning Commission

This commission is responsible for all construction and growth and for the Town master plan.

Meeting time alternates months with the Board of Zoning Appeals every other month on the first Tuesday at 7 PM.

Planning Commission:The Town Council

Randy McEntarfer, Town Planner - 260-587-3982

Mike Hasselman
Don Farrington
Brad Chorpenning
Richard Schiffli
Mike Kugler
Brandi Liby


The Board of Zoning Appeals

This Board is responsible for variance applications.

Meeting time alternates months with the Planning Commission every other month on the first Tuesday at 7 PM.

Board of Zoning Appeals:

Randy McEntarfer - Zoning Administrator - 260-587-3982
Doug Hoffman
Rick Hossinger
Jami Chorpenning
Mike Kugler
Brandi Liby

Zoning and Permit Forms:

You can download a copy of the Town Zoning Map here.
Improvement Location Permit Form here
Board of Zoning Appeals Form here
Subdivision Plat Approval Form here

The Economic Development Commission

This commission is charged with the recommending the issuance of EDC bonds to the Town Council. This commission meets at the Ashley Community Center.

Economic Development Commission Members:

Scott Barnhart, President
Mike Hasselman, Secretary
Matt Misner, Vice President

The Redevelopment Commission


Mike Hassselman
Don Farrington
Richard Schiffli
Randy McEntarfer
Karen McEntarfer

The Wellhead Protection Planning Board


James Pence
Roger Green
Rod Schiffli
Micah Liby
Ward Oden